Tears penetrate my irises

Hot pokers through plastic 

I turn, cursing 

My photographic memory

Now indelibly etched 

With that touching image

You did not…

Could not know

How much that simple action

Would crucify, torture

Strangle my soul

Burning from the inside out

Soot covering, smothering

The windows of my mind 

Devouring my oxygen

Thieving the last splinters of light

All I want is obliteration

To massacre the memories

Slaughter my senses

Entry to an emotionless abyss 

Not to watch my dreams

Played out, excruciatingly

In front of me…

In other people’s lives.

Copyright Blackheart May, 2015



I stare at my phone

Stupidly craving your attention
Your words
I savour like a child with candy
Your textual kisses
Melt my insides
I know it’s idiocy
The phone vibrates
My excitement peaks
Only to be disappointed again
For your texts are carefully rationed
Like medicine, controlled
With me, the junkie, madly craving my fix.

Copyright Blackheart



That’s how you came into my life
Without regard for anything or anyone
…my car, my job, my relationship
No thought for the damage you’d cause
The impact, to every aspect of my life
That was just my mind
Squash, suppress… Me
And that was the ‘cure’??
Thought I could kill you, at first
Control you, at worst
Never dreamt you would be
The obliteration of me.



It’s a maze

So many ways
To view this situation
Perhaps I’m naive
In my belief
My own interpretation
Some things you say
Make me afraid
Just pray they’re empty words
But am I blind
To all the signs
Is my head in the sand?
When they all see
It differently
Can I be sure I’m right?



The world’s full of wankers, f***ers and pricks

Maligning each other to satisfy kicks

Smiles on their faces, so sickly and sweet
As they stick in the knife
With embittered deceit
Vicious words, selfish acts
No concern for their impact
Judging other people’s lives
As if it’s their God-given right 
Does it fulfil emotion’ly
To thrive off others misery?
Go take that spec out of your eye
Before you go completely blind
And suck upon your silver spoon
Karma will surely choke you soon