Trapped inside your own prison

Looking through warped glass

At a distorted world

Unable to see


Unable to reach


You’re going

Back to the start


Full circle

And I can’t

Seem to smash through 

Hell I’m trying

Fists balling

Thought I was strong enough

Love would be enough

But I’ve tried, cried

Fought, wrought

Given everything

All I’ve got

Now there’s nothing 

I can do 

It’s just…

Down to you

To take control

And open the door

Of your glass prison

Copyright Blackheart June, 2015

Body or Soul?


Your eyes show

Emotion I deny 

Your touch 

Unspoken words 

Yet fear

Drowns me 

I can’t breathe

Won’t ever go away 

If only I

Could take

That leap of faith

If you were not like him

But those memories

From so long ago

Still sit there

Crystal clear

He made sure 

If it could not be him 

It would be no one else

So take my body 

But if you want my mind 

You know I can’t do both 

Copyright Blackheart June, 2015

When Darkness Falls…


When darkness falls

Those b***ards rise 

From the smouldering embers

Of the furnace 

Where I so roughly 

And deliberately 

Poker-stabbed them to dust

Yet they still rise

With the moon

Vibrant and unscathed 

To taunt my nightmares 

With vivid clarity 

Pushing my mind

To the brink 

Of virtual insanity

When darkness falls

The doors unlock

Those long-forgotten faces 

To prey




Upon me

Peeling back my armour

The curse of silent loneliness attacks 

With rugged determination

As I descend into the depths 

Of the inescapable seizures

From which I fear

One day I will not return 

Copyright Blackheart111 June, 2015

Written for A Prompt Each Day


Stand by Her

This is just beautiful…

Philip Craddock Writing Portfolio

She tells me that she is broken,
in ways that are usually unspoken.
Her heart’s door is barely open
but I’ll wait by it just the same.
She says she’s better off alone,
as she calls me up on the phone.
Voice shakes so in a “Help me” tone
as she hesitantly hangs up again.

She’s scared to trust, to give others a shot,
for friends are only there until they’re not.
Still, I’ll be beside her with all that I’ve got.
Hope she sees I’m staying in time.
She says she will manage to do it all herself
as her jar of hopes falls from a worn out shelf.
Can I mend glass and fill it with hope and health
and share some salvation sublime?

She feels her future’s filled with black,
heading nowhere fast on a one way track.
I’ll pull countless colours off my stack
to try…

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 I’m your lifeline

Increasingly frayed

I’m your dinghy

Leaky with age


I’m your defibrillator

Wires getting worn

I’m your oxygen cylinder

Gas running low


I’m your epi-pen

All out of juice

I’m the glucose injection

You already used


I’m a vacuum, a void

I’m a chasm, an abyss

Bled me dry

Drained my soul

Love me, huh?

What bullshit!

Copyright Blackheart, June, 2014



I wash your clothes

Do the dishes 

Make your tea



I clean the house

Strip the beds

Pay (more than) half the bills



I put on some makeup

A pretty dress

Bake you a cake

You acknowledge the latter


I wear sexy undies

Hoover in the nude

(I know I look good)

You suggest clothes


I go to the pub

Stay out late

Pretend I’m drunk (I don’t drink)

You are indifferent 


18 years…

I have no engine

Am not a motorbike 

Nor a train

Not even a pint of beer


I’m just no longer…

On your visual periphery