This poem comes with an apology! Not my normal genre… It’s possible I may actually been possessed! 😉



You touch my face

I shiver 

Look into my eyes

I can’t breathe

Stroke my arm 

And warmth


From the depths




Every inch of my soul

I try 

To shake it off

But you…

Make me feel

In a moment

Like the sun, moon, stars


Make me want 

To stay there forever 


Make me ‘feel’.

In judgement you sit… 


Who gave you the right to judge?

Sit on high in scornful disdain?

From your province of perfection

With your flawlessly untainted life

Judgement will be your downfall

Can’t see beyond the end of your 

upturned nose

Won’t scratch the surface

Glimpse the tortured soul

Don’t want to…

Why should you?

Why would YOU be wrong?



Have you ever known?

Manners over honesty?

Piety over truth?

Oh what a life…

But who am I to judge?

© Blackheart Sept, 2015

You Never Listen


You never listen

Ears stuffed with cotton wool

Hear what you want to 

Own agenda, opinions


You never listen

Even if it is the truth

You never see

Blinkers on, tunnel vision

Blind to your surroundings

Perceptions so


You never see

Even what is in plain view

And why would you…

Callously indifferent 

Listen to an idiot?

What would I know?

Failed under-achiever

Why would you listen?

But, I told you.

© Blackheart Sept, 2015