Concealed behind a curtain 

I waited

Loneliness tearing at me

Like a savage lion

Peripheral rabble drowned

By a numbness

I wished could reach my mind

How had I got here?

Why hadn’t someone/ anyone asked the right questions?

Why couldn’t they see?

So obviously… 

I was losing my mind…

As they wheeled me away

A can on a conveyor belt 

All I could feel 

Was the deafening silence of solitude.

Grave Memories


Through the annals of my mind

I find


Of places I’ve never been

Things I’ve never seen

People I’ve never met…


And I can only guess

These are the bequest 

Of forebears

Dogged despair 

To leave their mark

To impart 


Too discerning?

Too salient?

Too poignant?

To be taken to the grave.

© Blackheart October, 2015