Extraneous distraction  

Bit of fun, for a time

Temporary intervention

In the thoughts of my mind

Momentary affection 

Maybe, some kind of…


Or perhaps just


Infill of time…

(For you)

All alone and empty

Maybe deservedly

Blood-torn eyeballs

Aching and blurred

Thought it would be worth

Those moments mindless, free

Now I’m stuck in this abyss 

Deep inside of me

© Blackheart 29.11.2015



No-one sees the teardrops

From my dying soul

Life just goes on around

This dark decaying hole

Thoughtless words they witter  

Spears into my heart

No-one seems to notice 

That I’m falling apart 

Don’t see the tortured struggle

To face the world each day

The fireworks in my head

Don’t feel the agony 

They see a pretty cover 

A happy smiling face

Cos no-one really cares

To just turn one more page

© Blackheart 28.11.2015

Landslide of Life



All around

No hand holds…

Foot pegs

Just sludge

Rising, impacting

Suffocating sludge 

Seeping down my throat 

Nauseating my guts

Blinding my eyes


Everything crumbles 

Futilely I fumble 

But my world… still falls apart 

© Blackheart Nov, 2015



Your apology, it came, twenty years too late

And for what? …when YOU never called it rape

‘I’m sorry’ – is that really the best you can say?

Somehow, do you think, that will make it ok?

Because ‘sorry’ won’t take away what you’ve done…

‘Sorry’ won’t change who I have become

Your apology – it’s just for your guilt, to absolve

Your ‘apology’ – won’t make MY torment dissolve 

Though I try, that night, I will never forget

Empty words, when I needed to feel your regret

But a ‘sorry’, I guess I never expected to hear

Some validation for destroying my last twenty years

Copyright Blackheart