Losing You


Razor blades rip

At the edges of my soul

Tearing it further apart

With each movement

No matter how I try

Elastoplast or stitches

Cannot fix me this time 

The blade has plunged too deep

Seems there was a heart 

In the abyss

A black heart

…now haemhorraging 


To its bitter bloodied end

© Broken Blackheart Dec, 2015

Silver Lining


A crappy wee poem but the sentiments of how I’m feeling, nonetheless.

You ain’t gonna bring me down

You ain’t gonna rain on my parade

You ain’t gonna turn my smile upside down 

With the callous words you say

And I’m sorry that this has to be

Ended acrimoniously

But surely even you can see

You were too frugal with your honesty

So you ain’t gonna make me feel sad

You ain’t gonna make the tears fall

 You ain’t gonna trample my self esteem

I’ll still miss you but I’m glad you’re gone.

© Blackheart 081215