‘Love’, the lie


It’s a mocking mirage

An illusive impostor

A fallacious figment

Borne of a deranged mind

A malicious misconception

The deadliest deception

The perverse pantomime 

Of a wretched psyche

It’s a perpetuated poison

A desperate delusion 

A fictitious fabrication 

Spawned of a sepulchrous soul 

It is a lie

It is not real

This fable 

This label

They call ‘love’

© Blackheart Feb, 2016

5 thoughts on “‘Love’, the lie

    1. Thank you. I’ve never done one of these but I’ll try with this one… 😊

      …been having a hard time lately – life’s literally been turned upside-down so not been writing much… Just been trying to keep my head above water and get my mind straight before I could write… But you inspired me to sit down and write last night.

      Glad to see that your life has got back on track after the hard time you had last year… I’ve still been enjoying your poems from the sidelines! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nice to hear from you. 🙂 I understand how you feel. To be honest my life’s still not completely on track yet but I feel hopeful I’ll get there eventually.

        It’s going really well with my girlfriend Phoebe but it’s been around seven months since I last saw my daughter…slow & painful custody battle with my ex-wife, who has refused me any access to her, so I’m having to go through Court to get joint custody & the process has been hit by a number of delays.Hopefully in a few months it’ll be sorted and I’ll have a result I can live with (I feel more able to discuss this openly on other peoples’ blogs than my own, as it’s unlikely my ex or her lawyer will look for my post here).

        Hope things soon improve for you and you’re able to write more easily. Feel free to send me a private message via the Contact the Author link on my site if you ever want to chat about what you’re going through.


      2. Thank you. I really appreciate that. I know all about custody battles as my sister is a solicitor specialising in them so I see first hand the hell that many fathers go through. You just have to keep pushing – it’s all about the ‘best interests of the child’ and that obviously involves you… It just takes soooo long to sort though 😔

        Among other things, I have just split from my long term partner (18 years). We had no kids… I guess fortunately, but then, that was half the problem. It is hard just now, adjusting to a whole new life, starting a whole new relationship. I’ve met someone but it’s early days, and I guess we both have a lot of ‘past’ coming with us, so who knows. He understands my writing though, and I’ve never let anyone I know in the outside world read it before, so hopefully… All change… Hopefully ultimately for the best 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you for being willing to share what you are going through. I’m really happy that you’ve met someone new and hope it works out for you.

        I was with my ex wife for 15 years and had a daughter with her. Despite only dating Phoebe since the 31st of August last year, I already know that she will be the love of my life. Second chances and happy endings can happen. Hope you’ve found yours. 🙂


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