Nothing tastes as good as thin…


Flesh on bone

Too much

Flesh on bone

Train, train, train

Consume enough

Barely to sustain…


But how much?

Is enough

When you’re tough…

Fat, sugar, carbs


Scales shout

Their glee 

Mind over matter

Mind over matter

Easier day on day 



Evokes nausea…

Yet determination

Tweak the intake

Adjust the output

Mirror smiles

A fading reflection 

Of mental strength

Or is it…

Mental breakdown?

©Blackheart, April 2016

One thought on “Nothing tastes as good as thin…

  1. I so identify with this post. As someone with an eating disorder I think the phrase is “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” In a way I love food but in fact all I eat for dinner is diet ready meals as I can’t be bothered to cook and the ready meals are lower calorie than anything I can cook. I just enjoy being on the thin side which means the eating disorder is still active in a way. But at least I haven’t made myself sick for over 7 years now!


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