Nobody Remembers…


Nobody remembers

Just a date on the calendar

Another day

Nobody remembers


Nobody remembers

Not your family

Not even your father

Nobody remembers

Nobody remembers

Not the doctors

Not the nurses

(Why would they?)

Nobody remembers

Nobody remembers

The world keeps spinning

Time never stops

Still nobody remembers

Nobody remembers

Except me.

Nothing tastes as good as thin…


Flesh on bone

Too much

Flesh on bone

Train, train, train

Consume enough

Barely to sustain…


But how much?

Is enough

When you’re tough…

Fat, sugar, carbs


Scales shout

Their glee 

Mind over matter

Mind over matter

Easier day on day 



Evokes nausea…

Yet determination

Tweak the intake

Adjust the output

Mirror smiles

A fading reflection 

Of mental strength

Or is it…

Mental breakdown?

©Blackheart, April 2016

Middle Ground


That middle ground

Essence of truth 


Emotion, sentiment

Feeling, connection

Rendezvous of souls 

Source of strength

Comfort, contentment 

Is missing 


‘midst companionable 


And overwhelming passion

A black hole

Swallowed it

© Blackheart, March 2016

‘Love’, the lie


It’s a mocking mirage

An illusive impostor

A fallacious figment

Borne of a deranged mind

A malicious misconception

The deadliest deception

The perverse pantomime 

Of a wretched psyche

It’s a perpetuated poison

A desperate delusion 

A fictitious fabrication 

Spawned of a sepulchrous soul 

It is a lie

It is not real

This fable 

This label

They call ‘love’

© Blackheart Feb, 2016


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I guess…

I breathe the stars

In your kisses

They sparkle

Like fairy dust

Through my eyes 

I feel snowflakes

In your touch

Melt in icy tingles

On my skin


To my toes

You leave…

I choke razor blades 

Dark green mist swirls

Paranoia starts…

It’s inescapable decay 

© Blackheart 14.02.2016

In pieces I lie…


They broke me

The bastards


With their lies


Debasing bullies

Demanding respect?

I’d laugh

If I could stop the tears


Nothing is worth this



I have aplenty 

But will? Desire?

All outta energy 


I lie

Ship out

Move on

Fuck them

Irrational wankers

Evil liars

Pray for karma

To win the day

Some fights

Are not worth the pain

© Blackheart

F*** You!!


…damn awful day, coupled with a little bit of the old green-eye inspired this angry etching… Lol!!

Sorry for the language!!

Go f*** yourself and shag that bloody bimbo

You know there is a void inside her head

A pretty face – all hair and nails and make-up

You’re welcome to that saccharin in your bed!

Go f*** yourself and shag the giggling airhead

All fakery and sickly vacant smiles

She couldn’t write her name far less do poetry

For her there’s but pink fluff beneath the curls 

Go f*** yourself – oh go on, just be shallow!

I’m sure that she’ll look great upon your arm 

Immerse yourself in handbags, heels and lipstick

You know I really couldn’t give a damn!

© ‘Cranky’ Blackheart Jan, 2016


I read those awful words
And somehow knew
Exactly what post mortem
Would conclude
And though I guess
I never knew you well
Your brother’s pain I felt
And that was hell

Unfair to steal away
Someone so young
Just barely started
Half a life undone
To leave a family
Grieving and confused
Questioning what they
Could or should or would

When truth is…
Really fate cannot be fought
The writing’s in the stars
You get your lot
Few people knew you
Had that damn disease 
That fries the brain
So unexpectedly

And even those who did
Would not have thought
Those seizures could
Have such a tragic cost.
A loner throughout life
Misjudged, misread
In death I hope you find 
Your peace, instead.

© Blackheart