In pieces I lie…


They broke me

The bastards


With their lies


Debasing bullies

Demanding respect?

I’d laugh

If I could stop the tears


Nothing is worth this



I have aplenty 

But will? Desire?

All outta energy 


I lie

Ship out

Move on

Fuck them

Irrational wankers

Evil liars

Pray for karma

To win the day

Some fights

Are not worth the pain

© Blackheart


F*** You!!


…damn awful day, coupled with a little bit of the old green-eye inspired this angry etching… Lol!!

Sorry for the language!!

Go f*** yourself and shag that bloody bimbo

You know there is a void inside her head

A pretty face – all hair and nails and make-up

You’re welcome to that saccharin in your bed!

Go f*** yourself and shag the giggling airhead

All fakery and sickly vacant smiles

She couldn’t write her name far less do poetry

For her there’s but pink fluff beneath the curls 

Go f*** yourself – oh go on, just be shallow!

I’m sure that she’ll look great upon your arm 

Immerse yourself in handbags, heels and lipstick

You know I really couldn’t give a damn!

© ‘Cranky’ Blackheart Jan, 2016


I read those awful words
And somehow knew
Exactly what post mortem
Would conclude
And though I guess
I never knew you well
Your brother’s pain I felt
And that was hell

Unfair to steal away
Someone so young
Just barely started
Half a life undone
To leave a family
Grieving and confused
Questioning what they
Could or should or would

When truth is…
Really fate cannot be fought
The writing’s in the stars
You get your lot
Few people knew you
Had that damn disease 
That fries the brain
So unexpectedly

And even those who did
Would not have thought
Those seizures could
Have such a tragic cost.
A loner throughout life
Misjudged, misread
In death I hope you find 
Your peace, instead.

© Blackheart

On-call whore

Just an on-call whore

When you’re feeling bored

Some eye-candy food

When you’re in the mood

Easy peck of porn

When you’ve got the horn

Little bit of fun

When you want to cum

Textual stimulator

Remote copulator

Fun-time fornicator

Distant masturbator

Just an on-call whore

Yeh, I know the score.

© Blackheart 2016


Turn Back The Clock


Daylight snuck its way around the thick curtains

As if trying to offer some minute glimmer of hope

Its efforts futile as a clown at a funeral

And equally unwelcome

Oblivious to the wintry elements

I lie naked on the floor

If I had been trampled by a herd of rhinos

I could not feel more pain

My limbs steeped in concrete

My eyes only move

The sleeping figure with the smile 

On his pulchritudinous lips, fixates me

Abject revulsion fights unconditional love

As I blink repeatedly 

In the vain yet fruitless hope

Of an alternate reality

Exhausted, my mind struggles to accept

What my body knows with great clarity

In all my dreams, fantasies, desires I never saw this

I replay the scene relentlessly in my head

Desperate for another explanation

A dam of shock only restrains my tears

As I close my eyes and pray 

For this ‘Happy New Year’ to start over again.

Losing You


Razor blades rip

At the edges of my soul

Tearing it further apart

With each movement

No matter how I try

Elastoplast or stitches

Cannot fix me this time 

The blade has plunged too deep

Seems there was a heart 

In the abyss

A black heart

…now haemhorraging 


To its bitter bloodied end

© Broken Blackheart Dec, 2015