Waiting for the crash

The smash 

The impact

The wreckage

Waiting for the mortar

To explode

The meteor

To strike

The crocodile

To bite




For flouting every rule I ever made

© Blackheart, May, 2016


In pieces I lie…


They broke me

The bastards


With their lies


Debasing bullies

Demanding respect?

I’d laugh

If I could stop the tears


Nothing is worth this



I have aplenty 

But will? Desire?

All outta energy 


I lie

Ship out

Move on

Fuck them

Irrational wankers

Evil liars

Pray for karma

To win the day

Some fights

Are not worth the pain

© Blackheart

Turn Back The Clock


Daylight snuck its way around the thick curtains

As if trying to offer some minute glimmer of hope

Its efforts futile as a clown at a funeral

And equally unwelcome

Oblivious to the wintry elements

I lie naked on the floor

If I had been trampled by a herd of rhinos

I could not feel more pain

My limbs steeped in concrete

My eyes only move

The sleeping figure with the smile 

On his pulchritudinous lips, fixates me

Abject revulsion fights unconditional love

As I blink repeatedly 

In the vain yet fruitless hope

Of an alternate reality

Exhausted, my mind struggles to accept

What my body knows with great clarity

In all my dreams, fantasies, desires I never saw this

I replay the scene relentlessly in my head

Desperate for another explanation

A dam of shock only restrains my tears

As I close my eyes and pray 

For this ‘Happy New Year’ to start over again.



No-one sees the teardrops

From my dying soul

Life just goes on around

This dark decaying hole

Thoughtless words they witter  

Spears into my heart

No-one seems to notice 

That I’m falling apart 

Don’t see the tortured struggle

To face the world each day

The fireworks in my head

Don’t feel the agony 

They see a pretty cover 

A happy smiling face

Cos no-one really cares

To just turn one more page

© Blackheart 28.11.2015




I bite my tongue


Another one

Avert my eyes

Don’t let them see

Tears welling with 


The ultimate toll

Anorexia took?

A consequence

Of lack of food?

Or sustained damage

From bloody rape?

Maybe perchance 

My twist of fate?

While they’re all out there

Having kids

I’m popping pills

To quash the fits

So sorry I 

Can’t share the joy

My ruptured soul

Lies dead


Copyright Blackheart August, 2015