Waiting for the crash

The smash 

The impact

The wreckage

Waiting for the mortar

To explode

The meteor

To strike

The crocodile

To bite




For flouting every rule I ever made

© Blackheart, May, 2016


Turn Back The Clock


Daylight snuck its way around the thick curtains

As if trying to offer some minute glimmer of hope

Its efforts futile as a clown at a funeral

And equally unwelcome

Oblivious to the wintry elements

I lie naked on the floor

If I had been trampled by a herd of rhinos

I could not feel more pain

My limbs steeped in concrete

My eyes only move

The sleeping figure with the smile 

On his pulchritudinous lips, fixates me

Abject revulsion fights unconditional love

As I blink repeatedly 

In the vain yet fruitless hope

Of an alternate reality

Exhausted, my mind struggles to accept

What my body knows with great clarity

In all my dreams, fantasies, desires I never saw this

I replay the scene relentlessly in my head

Desperate for another explanation

A dam of shock only restrains my tears

As I close my eyes and pray 

For this ‘Happy New Year’ to start over again.

Losing You


Razor blades rip

At the edges of my soul

Tearing it further apart

With each movement

No matter how I try

Elastoplast or stitches

Cannot fix me this time 

The blade has plunged too deep

Seems there was a heart 

In the abyss

A black heart

…now haemhorraging 


To its bitter bloodied end

© Broken Blackheart Dec, 2015



Extraneous distraction  

Bit of fun, for a time

Temporary intervention

In the thoughts of my mind

Momentary affection 

Maybe, some kind of…


Or perhaps just


Infill of time…

(For you)

All alone and empty

Maybe deservedly

Blood-torn eyeballs

Aching and blurred

Thought it would be worth

Those moments mindless, free

Now I’m stuck in this abyss 

Deep inside of me

© Blackheart 29.11.2015



Your apology, it came, twenty years too late

And for what? …when YOU never called it rape

‘I’m sorry’ – is that really the best you can say?

Somehow, do you think, that will make it ok?

Because ‘sorry’ won’t take away what you’ve done…

‘Sorry’ won’t change who I have become

Your apology – it’s just for your guilt, to absolve

Your ‘apology’ – won’t make MY torment dissolve 

Though I try, that night, I will never forget

Empty words, when I needed to feel your regret

But a ‘sorry’, I guess I never expected to hear

Some validation for destroying my last twenty years

Copyright Blackheart



Concealed behind a curtain 

I waited

Loneliness tearing at me

Like a savage lion

Peripheral rabble drowned

By a numbness

I wished could reach my mind

How had I got here?

Why hadn’t someone/ anyone asked the right questions?

Why couldn’t they see?

So obviously… 

I was losing my mind…

As they wheeled me away

A can on a conveyor belt 

All I could feel 

Was the deafening silence of solitude.

Let Go…


Your face 

Lit up, bright


I can’t watch

Love shining

Don’t need eyes

To feel 

The intangible


A sabre to my heart

Lungs collapse

Futility overwhelms

As I stand mute 


My broken body

I realise 

Love is not enough

…and I know

I need

To let you go…

© Blackheart July, 2015

(Inspired by A Prompt a Day)