Losing You


Razor blades rip

At the edges of my soul

Tearing it further apart

With each movement

No matter how I try

Elastoplast or stitches

Cannot fix me this time 

The blade has plunged too deep

Seems there was a heart 

In the abyss

A black heart

…now haemhorraging 


To its bitter bloodied end

© Broken Blackheart Dec, 2015



Extraneous distraction  

Bit of fun, for a time

Temporary intervention

In the thoughts of my mind

Momentary affection 

Maybe, some kind of…


Or perhaps just


Infill of time…

(For you)

All alone and empty

Maybe deservedly

Blood-torn eyeballs

Aching and blurred

Thought it would be worth

Those moments mindless, free

Now I’m stuck in this abyss 

Deep inside of me

© Blackheart 29.11.2015




This poem comes with an apology! Not my normal genre… It’s possible I may actually been possessed! 😉



You touch my face

I shiver 

Look into my eyes

I can’t breathe

Stroke my arm 

And warmth


From the depths




Every inch of my soul

I try 

To shake it off

But you…

Make me feel

In a moment

Like the sun, moon, stars


Make me want 

To stay there forever 


Make me ‘feel’.

In judgement you sit… 


Who gave you the right to judge?

Sit on high in scornful disdain?

From your province of perfection

With your flawlessly untainted life

Judgement will be your downfall

Can’t see beyond the end of your 

upturned nose

Won’t scratch the surface

Glimpse the tortured soul

Don’t want to…

Why should you?

Why would YOU be wrong?



Have you ever known?

Manners over honesty?

Piety over truth?

Oh what a life…

But who am I to judge?

© Blackheart Sept, 2015

Let Go…


Your face 

Lit up, bright


I can’t watch

Love shining

Don’t need eyes

To feel 

The intangible


A sabre to my heart

Lungs collapse

Futility overwhelms

As I stand mute 


My broken body

I realise 

Love is not enough

…and I know

I need

To let you go…

© Blackheart July, 2015

(Inspired by A Prompt a Day)



Trapped inside your own prison

Looking through warped glass

At a distorted world

Unable to see


Unable to reach


You’re going

Back to the start


Full circle

And I can’t

Seem to smash through 

Hell I’m trying

Fists balling

Thought I was strong enough

Love would be enough

But I’ve tried, cried

Fought, wrought

Given everything

All I’ve got

Now there’s nothing 

I can do 

It’s just…

Down to you

To take control

And open the door

Of your glass prison

Copyright Blackheart June, 2015



 I’m your lifeline

Increasingly frayed

I’m your dinghy

Leaky with age


I’m your defibrillator

Wires getting worn

I’m your oxygen cylinder

Gas running low


I’m your epi-pen

All out of juice

I’m the glucose injection

You already used


I’m a vacuum, a void

I’m a chasm, an abyss

Bled me dry

Drained my soul

Love me, huh?

What bullshit!

Copyright Blackheart, June, 2014